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Growth-focused tech community of SMEs and Sponsors

Get onboard with the Cycloan community as a sponsor or a requestor to have exposure to financial, business, and opportunistic growth.

Blockchain-powered risk management platform

Our decentralized ecosystem ensures secure and transparent risk scoring of projects. - Risk management powered by AI/ML

Fully digital project-to-finance disbursement

Expect little to no human intervention while getting approval for projects and receiving financing. - Smart contract/block chain

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Procurement and Commerce Marketplace

Get exclusive access to our marketplace to purchase equipment, obtain licenses, and get discounted rates on products from our partners.

Giving a new meaning to tech financing
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Short Processing Time
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Best-in-class Risk Evaluation
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Seamless Disbursement
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Trusted Approval Process
For Tech SMEs

Accelerate your business with short-term financing

Complete your tech projects from start to finish without any hiccups. Join the Cycloan ecosystem to receive instant, reliable and short-term funding at your fingertips.

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For investors

Grow your wealth by helping SMEs grow their business

Register with the Cycloan investors community to sponsor low-risk, high-returns tech projects to instantly diversify your assets, bet on ideas that you believe in and strengthen the tech infrastructure.

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